Screaming Good Deal: Dopff & Irion “Crustaces” Alsace 2012 !!

Need a white to sip by itself or with light fish dishes?   Here’s a lovely white made from grapes that may be unfamiliar, but the wine packs pleasing juicy flavors with fine balance.

Sylvaner is the main grape component for this Dopff & Irion “Crustaces”  (90% Sylvaner, 10% Pinot Blanc).  And although Sylvaner is common in France’s Alsace Region and provides juice for wines commonly served as the ‘house blanc’ in Alsatian restaurants, most of the world ignores Sylvaner in favor of more popular white grapes like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

On the nose are clean notes of fresh citrus and light floral hints followed by a light bodied, juicy mouthful of lime and lemon flavors, finishing with a slight minerality – all nicely balanced and fresh enough to warrant another sip.   In some respects this wine is reminiscent of a Pinot Grigio, but the intensity of citrus flavors and light mineral finish differentiate it from the popular Italian.  The lobster on the label causes one to wonder if the producer missed the memo that ‘critter labels’ went out of fashion 10 years ago.   But one cannot blame the producer for making the suggestion – this wine capably compliments shrimp, lobster or lightly sauced white fish dishes.

To anyone seeking an interesting and inexpensive alternative to Pinot Grigio, or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, this $8.99 Sylvaner provides a fine and fresh tasting alternative.   Enjoy!   (PLCB Code: 32914  Dopff and Irion Crustaces Alsace 2012 $8.99 widely available)

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